This series of posts owes its existence to several things.

First of all, I happen to have Kindle Paperwhite 1st generation model, which has served me admirably so far. Alas, its peaceful days of intended use were over once I saw this post on Raspberry Pi blog. Yes, Raspberry Pi, the ubiquitous credit card sized computer. It would be the second thing. Raspberry Pi has intrigued me for some time now, but I’ve always lacked a project idea interesting enough to justify taking the plunge (which didn’t stop me from trying to get a brand new Pi Zero. Lack of supply did, though).

Thing number three is that I’m really into games where you constantly die in random locations - roguelikes! Known also as “procedural death labyrinths” and “death crawls”, these games are perfect for playing in console.

So in addition to braving lynx for browsing and vim for all my text-related needs, I’ve decided to make my Kindleberry Pi-to-be a console game station. I guess we will see how that works out further down the road.

This series would not exist without a comprehensive guide. Comprehensive as it may be, though, I still had troubles following it, dumb human that I am. Documenting my experiences as a manual of sorts might help someone out there, or at least help me achieve a semblance of an organized thought process.

So here it is, then, my journey towards Kindleberry Pi, written mostly from memory and therefore woefully incomplete:

Part 1 - Downgrade

Part 2 - Jailbreak

Part 3 - Extend

Part 4 - Finish