After downgrading our Kindle, we proceed to installing the jailbreak itself. All information was pulled from this forum thread.

  1. Download the jailbreak

    Inside the archive you will find - extract it to the root directory of your Kindle. Eject and unplug.

  2. Make your Kindle better by breaking it

    Go to Home screen, tap Menu and select Settings. Tap Menu again and select Update Your Kindle. For a few terrifying moments, nothing will happen, then the words **** JAILBREAK **** should appear at the bottom of the screen. It’s done! Restart your Kindle for good measure.

  3. Install cool hacks

    • USBNetwork (home) - makes it possible to login into your Kindle over usb or wifi. Neat!

      Grab the archive, locate Update_usbnet_0.21.N_i nstall_touch_pw.bin and install it the same way as the jailbreak .

    • KUAL (home) - kindle unified application launcher

      After downloading, locate KUAL-KDK-2.0.azw2 and place it in the /documents directory of your Kindle. That’s it - now you have a shiny new “book” on your shelf.

    • KUAL helper (home) - adds “Helper” menu with a bunch of useful functions to KUAL

      Download extension and copy helper directory to /documents/extensions (create extensions folder if it doesn’t exist yet). Every other extension is installed in a similar fashion.

    • GAWK (home) - makes KUAL’s parsing faster

      Download gawk and install it just like the KUAL helper from before. One additional step - open KUAL and press “Install” button.

    • BackDoorLock (home) - prevents silent updates

      Download backdoorlock and install, you know the drill by now. Enable it via KUAL. Now the airplane mode can be safely turned off.

  4. Explore the rest of the available KUAL extensions and Kindle Paperwhite hacks